Stewarding Families and Solo Seniors through Eldercare Decisions

Facilitating Conversations for Families with Aging Parents,
Providing Emergency Contact Support for Solo Seniors,
& Rebuilding Trust

Do you have an emergency contact?  

Do they know your wishes if you are temporarily incapacitated (like an illness or surgery), permanently incapacitated (dementia) or have passed on?

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End of Life


Our Family Encounter works with you through the many aspects of aging. We’re here to help by committing to be your secondary emergency contact. We do this in three ways:

  • Design Stewards help you create a comprehensive aging plan that reflects your wishes connecting you to trusted advisors and professionals.
  • Implementation Stewards are licensed social workers using their expertise to help you, your emergency contact, and your family through a crisis, such as a hospital stay or long term illness.
  • Escalation Stewards are trained family mediators assisting with difficult conversations between family members during critical life changes, such as needing a higher level of care or housing changes.

We work with you through these states so you and your emergency contact have experienced, professional, and caring stewards to guide and support you.

We will also support you to create your own plan. If you are a DIYer, we want to help you! While you can keep your wishes safe, it helps to have someone work with your family, especially if they are out of town, to provide guidance and support. For an initial fee of $30 and annual fee of $10, we will confidentially and securely hold your contact list for you. We want to follow up annually to review your plan to make changes over time. 

Let us help you navigate through each of the below areas of your aging plan.

We connect families via video-conferencing to manage family dynamics for eldercare mediation.

Hear Our Family Encounter in a live interview on “Living Healthy and Aging Well(AM 950 – May 9, 2020)