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If you’re here, you may be asking…

How do I start this conversation?

How much do I need to retire well?

If I cannot live at home, where will I live?

Who can speak for me if I am unable to speak for myself?

How do I receive care from my loved ones while not being a burden to them?

What steps do I need to do to keep active and safe?

How can I prepare for my final journey with joy? 

What life lessons do I want to teach others or leave behind?

What documents are needed to close out my estate?

This is your Journey.

Your Last Life Lesson starts with documenting your wishes, providing a way to pay your loved ones for care and support, and ends with having a plan your loved ones can follow to close out your estate.

Our Family Encounter joins you on this journey as an advocate, guide, and concierge.
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Our Family Encounter works with you to coordinate an aging plan with your wishes in mind.

Whether you are working within your family to create a plan for an aging parent or you want to have the peace of mind that you have made the necessary decisions for successful and independent aging.

We work with you through each stage so you have the peace of mind knowing you have experienced, professional, and caring Stewards to guide and support you.

Our Family Encounter believes we all age together.

We want you to enjoy your retirement and create wonderful experiences for yourself and others as you age. Having an integrated plan, knowing which services are needed and available and finding trusted advisors can be hard to do on your own. Retirement is about enjoying life and living it to the full!

Your Last Life Lesson helps you determine what you want to teach others about what is important to you. Our Family Encounter provides the tools, guidance and support you so your loved ones may learn your life lessons.

How we create your plan:

We encourage you to purchase the Last Life Lesson: A Guide for Seniors and their Families and the Our Family Encounter Legacy Box.

The book is designed in a workbook format which allows you to pick a topic and put a plan into place. It could be organizing records or getting legal documents completed. Stewards are available to help you design a comprehensive aging plan to confirm important tasks are completed, finances are considered, and you have identified a trusted team of advisors and professionals who know your wishes. After completing your plan, we may act as your emergency contact, trusted advisor or assist your family so they know your wishes.

We join you on your journey and will refer to qualified professionals to guide you, your family and your loved ones through the complicated aspects of legal, financial, care and funeral planning to create your legacy. We are qualified neutrals who provide the confidentiality for your wishes.

We help families and Solo Seniors in the “Forgotten Middle” by helping them pay their loved ones for their care with a Family Caregiving Agreement, so they can age in place. For those with significant assets, Our Family Encounter works with advisors to create and manage a business entity to transfer assets to while receiving care from their loved ones.

Adult family members can be paid to provide care for their elders. We share two solutions in Last Life Lesson: A Guide for Seniors and Their Families.  These plans allow you to age in place and receive care from your loved ones. Stewards assist you with setting up your plan and will work with your family.  The Family Caregiving Agreement and the Family Caregiving Limited Liability Corp both require advance planning.

The executor or trustee assigned to close out your estate may be a family member, personal friend, professional fiduciary or court appointed administrator. We want to fulfill your legacy.

We connect families via video-conferencing to manage family dynamics for eldercare mediation. Play to watch different videos.


Thank you for putting so much time and energy into helping seniors age well. It is such important work!

Matthew Bearth, Box Financial Advisors

I think the book is an incredible comprehensive overview of the planning, logistics, operations, and financial aspects to prepare for aging, dying and death. It’s well put together and provides tools to help the unorganized, unprepared, or naive among us to avoid pitfalls and get this difficult transition planned and organized ahead of time in order to be able to celebrate the life and impact of loved ones rather than stress over material details.

Blake, Twin Cities Metro Paramedic

What a great resource! I will be using this personally with my wife and will go over it with my two adult children.

Mike Gregory, Author and Mediator

Hear Our Family Encounter in a live interview on “Living Healthy and Aging Well(AM 950 – May 9, 2020)


Capture your personal story. What events or people did you interact with during your life? Also consider how you will pass on your legacy, whether it is financial or in personal property or your passwords and safety box key. Consider organizing this part of your life so you can transition your life with dignity, honor and grace.

End of Life

Everyone needs to have a funeral. Yet it is the one topic no one wants to discuss. Consider two things: how you die is the last lesson you teach your loved ones and it is the last decision you will ever make. Preparing and paying for your funeral so your survivors the best inheritance you can provide.


COVID has brought an awareness to isolation for the senior community as many chose to shelter in place. Technology can help with getting support or interacting with others, yet almost half of seniors do not have an email. Most technology solutions require an email. Curtailing depression and self-neglect caused by isolation is a top priority this winter.


Many associate healthy aging with wellness. Yet many services are not covered by Medicare: dental, hearing aids, prescriptions, home health services, access to technology like cellphones or computers to connect to others if you are isolated in your homes or at the clinic or hospital. Diet, exercise and the number of disabilities you have determines your quality of life.


Having a current will or trust , healthcare directive and choosing who can speak on your behalf for financial and health concerns can only be done with the guidance of an attorney. Consider, if you have COVID and there is one ventilator between you and another patient, what are your wishes? Make sure your will is updated to reflect your current circumstances.


One wealth advisor calls retirement the go-go years, the slo-go years and the no-go years. Know how to fund each of these stages. According to a 2019 study by Northwestern Mutual, 21% of Americans have no savings, 10% have less than $5,000 saved and an additional third have less than $25,000 saved.


Choosing where to live if you are unable to age in your home. What can you afford? Do you have family or a strong social network? What services are available to you? What happens if you run out of money or experience an emergency? Is your home safe to live in?


Choosing where to live if you are unable to age in your home. What can you afford? Do you have family or a strong social network? What services are available to you? What happens if you run out of money or experience an emergency? Is your home safe to live in?