Last Life Lesson eBook


This book is chock full of information and tips to help you consider the decisions you need to make from finances, legal and wellness to housing, end of life choices, socialization and legacy. At the end of each chapter, a checklist is provided to help you gather your documents together so you can compile and share your wishes with your loved ones. We recommend having an Our Family Encounter legacy box to collect and organize your documents. The second part of this book addresses solutions and tools needed to design your own aging plan, especially if you want to age in place or hire your own caregivers.

This book is ideal for the do-it-yourself-er or those who want a team of advisors to guide their choices. There are chapters specifically for Solo Seniors, Veterans and Executors.  Powers of Attorneys, Healthcare Agents and Executors. Reviews share, “There is so much information in this book that can be overwhelming. Take one chapter at a time and work on it.”

Our Family Encounter believes no one should age alone.

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