Our Family Encounter Legacy Box


Organize your personal papers, contracts, legal agreements and personal wishes for transfer to your executor to settle your estate. Expandable accordion file consists of 21 pockets – half to be used to collect documents while you are alive and the other half to be used by your executor or administrator to close your estate.

File comes with the Last Life Lesson Book and access to the worksheets and forms needed to complete your aging plan.

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Need help with organizing your documents?

This organizer coordinates with the checklist of important documents and worksheets found at the end of every chapter in the workbook, Last Life Lesson. This takes out the guess work of what information is needed. It also provides an easy to find tool in the event your important papers need to be picked up by your Executor or Trustee. This will save them time and preserve your wishes so they can carry out your wishes.

Your Trustee or Executor will appreciate this filing system as the filing box has folders available to them for their use. Each folder can be used to collect any documentation from receipts to tax forms needed to close out your estate. It also has plenty of space to hold important keys (safety deposit boxes, storage units, safes, etc) or unusual sized documents like passports and identity cards.

This is a must have addition for your estate plan.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 12 in