April 2021 Newsletter

The trees have started to sprout their leaves and the apple trees in my yard are getting ready to bud!
This is a time of year when we are getting ready to step outside and revel in the joy of spring. Yet, we
are reminded that April can be colder than we might like.

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March 2021 Newsletter

This is a month of a lot of transitions! In Minnesota, we love this month as it begins with a lot of snow and usually rolls into a sense of spring. The birds start to return from their migrations and the snow piles slowly melt!

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January 2021 Newsletter

Start your week out on a high note with other fun seniors. Everyone is staying home this year. I have been meeting with a few seniors during December to see what we can do to connect with each other during this winter. Many are used to traveling but choosing to stay home this year. Join us to share your favorite travel adventures and get to know other active and curious seniors. We are hosting different presentations and topics through out the month. Share the invite with a senior you know and have them join us.

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