Solo Seniors

A Solo Senior is someone living alone, whether by choice or circumstance. Aging alone can be especially hard. It can be for a period of time, such as traveling, or long term. It could be we have family, but they live in another city or state. Solo Seniors account for 26% of the US population over age 65. This number is expected to grow as people age. The incidents of self-neglect and financial exploitation is estimated to be as high as 50% or more with this demographic. 

One area that needs special attention for Solo Seniors is having an emergency contact.

Emergency Contact Support

Everyone has an emergency contact. Yet, does your emergency contact know your  if your wishes if you are in an emergency?
Only after a health crisis will we recognize we were not prepared. We had not created a plan to take care of basic things like meals and transportation. Add to that, those whom we asked to be our contact may not know what to do.
Emergency contacts are contacted often at three times:

  • temporary incapacity such as surgery or accidents
  • permanent incapacity such as a diagnosis of dementia
  • death

Having a plan created for your emergency contact to access as a single step following a call indicating a crisis has happened helps them honor your wishes and to support you. It brings peace of mind and comfort during a difficult time.

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Do you have an emergency contact?

Do they know what your wishes are in case you are temporarily incapacitated (like an illness or surgery), permanently incapacitated (dementia) or death?

Register your emergency contact with us today!

Getting Started

STEP 1:  Register your emergency contact with Our Family Encounter™. Once your emergency contact confirms and agrees to support your wishes, you are on your way.

STEP 2: Take the readiness assessment to determine how prepared you are for aging. Getting a readout on areas to resolve will help guide you on your next step. If help is needed to design your customized plan, contact our office for an experienced Steward to work with you.

Once your plan is complete, it will be stored safely and securely until we received notice from your emergency contact. Annual reviews will occur to make sure to catch any changes. 

Your emergency contact can rest assured when they contact us that they will have access to your wishes, advisors, and contacts needed to support you through your difficult time.