Last Life Lesson: A Guide for Seniors and Their Families  

eBook is available to download at or in print coming in the next week or so!  

Last Life Lesson: A Guide for Seniors and Their Families

Here’s some feedback from Blake, a local paramedic: 

I think the book is an incredible comprehensive overview of the planning, logistics, operations, and financial aspects to prepare for aging, dying and death. It’s well put together and provides tools to help the unorganized, unprepared, or naive among us to avoid pitfalls and get this difficult transition planned and organized ahead of time in order to be able to celebrate the life and impact of loved ones rather than stress over material details. 

Thank you to everyone who purchased a book. Please share any feedback or Google reviews you have! I love collecting testimonials and stories you are willing to share. 

It was three years ago when I showed up to the wrong meeting...

In February 2019, during our first lock-down due to freezing weather, I went to the wrong church and ended up finding I was exactly where I was meant to be! It was the World Day of the Sick being celebrated at St Joseph Catholic Church in West St. Paul. I was supposed to be at a class called Intentional Discipleship at St. Peters in Mendota Heights.  

During the luncheon being held after Mass, I met healthcare professionals who asked me to do two things: 

Trust me, I looked around to see if someone else was working on this so I could hand off the responsibility to them. I did meet some wonderful people who were working on each problem, but they were retiring or doing just a small bit to fix the problems.  

Then COVID hit. Suddenly, I could not find any Seniors to talk to. Everyone became a shut-in. No one could reach Seniors, because many Seniors did not use or have access to technology to stay in touch with others.  

Upcoming Events: 

Spring Expo being held on March 12th at Grace Church in Eden Prairie. The expo is open from 9 am to 3 pm. Due to a scheduling conflict, I will be arriving late. I am excited to share that I will have Blake Den Herder assisting me for the day and Lynne Gambucci will also cover until I can arrive. 

I look forward to seeing you there! 

Aging With Confidence 

Also being held on March 12th. This is my reason for arriving late to the Spring Expo…. I am presenting a class at Plymouth Community Center. Anyone interested in attending, contact Paul Pearson at Plymouth Community Center. I recommend purchasing my book to give you the information you need to understand how to age in your home and get care from your loved ones. 

Topic of the month: 

Creating your Healthcare Directive 

Watch this tutorial video on filling out a Healthcare Directive (for Minnesota). The video can be watched from my website.  

Please complete yours today and share with others. The story I share on this video has a great ending; but many who did not know this have lost their loved ones.  

May I also suggest that this addresses one of the reasons why I started Our Family Encounter? 

Legislative Watch 

Legislation was entered March 1st into the Minnesota Senate called, Rights of Patient to a Support Person. SR 3666  

Whoever would have thought we needed to pass a law to allow someone to be an advocate for another (including spouses)! I hope you will reach out to your local legislator and ask for this to be a priority in this legislative session. 

Future classes 

I would love to present to your group, church, or family to cover topics such as  

If you are interested, please reach out to me. 

Thank you! 

Thank you to the professionals and advisors who have generously provided their time and wisdom with me from my networking group, but especially from the St. Joseph Business Guild, a group of Catholic business owners and professionals in the Twin Cities. I want to also send out a special thank you to Matthew Bearth of Box Financial Advisors for considering ordering copies of my book for his clients and to Joe Langfeld, from Human Life Alliance, who is always looking to promote respect for life for all ages.