Conversations about Aging in Place

As I’ve shared, the book I’ve collaborated on with National Aging in Place Council with 19 other authors has been a wonderful experience. Here is a podcast which highlights the breadth of information found in the book, Aging in Place Conversations: What Industry Experts Have to Say. Order your copy now from Amazon. It is […]

Aging in Place Conversations

Order your book today! This book is provided by industry experts who are members of National Aging in Place Council (NAIPC). I am pleased to be one of the authors who contributed to this book. We have shared our stories and insights from our clients about aging with intention and purpose. Anyone who reads this […]

Design your funeral

As many turn their attention away from the Queen of England’s funeral, it bring to mind: what type of ceremony do you want to have? Funerals are for your loved ones. How do you want them to gather? While you can’t predict what people will say, the point is to give people a place and […]

Last Life Lesson eBook download

The purpose of having the OFE Legacy Box is to help transfer your wishes to the person you have
designated to carry out your wishes. Being organized will help them so much.
Here are the steps the family needs to take the day of death:
* Locate Tier One Contacts (immediate family)
* Secure home and important papers, secure valuables (cash, jewelry, collectibles)
* Contact the Executor if not the family member