Once again, the month nearing towards the end of the month. So much to share about Our Family Encounter!

In the past month, I learned something from a fellow business owner, Fred Lewis, owner of Fred’s Audio Visual Services. He is in his eighties and has a tremendous amount of energy. Fred shared with me that he reached out to his high school classmates (class of 700) to check in with them and discovered about half of them do not have email. When we share this observation with an executive with Lutheran Services, she said when they surveyed seniors on Survey Monkey, they received 100% response on the use of their email. They learned they asked the right question, but to the wrong group.

To address this, I have created two videos – the first is why seniors need to get video. The second video is how to download an app for the first time (this assumes that a senior is sent an invite to join a video call from someone else rather than going into the Apple or Android store to get the app). Share with your loved ones or neighbors – or watch it with them and help your loved ones use their phones.

Watch these videos:

Coming soon: where to find your phone number and email.

We also realize many seniors have cell phones – 98% of them in fact. The issue is that they need to have access to a mobile phone with a camera on it. If they have a tablet, that is great! Seniors need to have something they can take with them anywhere. Please consider talking with your loved ones and your family and see if you can pitch in to get them something.

Also, we need seniors to learn how to use their phones. I am partnering with Lenox Senior Community Center in St. Louis Park, MN to host an event in October (date TBD) to help community members with learning how to use their phone. I will work on the iPhone and I partnered with Judy Goebel to teach Android. We want to host events like this around the state before the weather gets too bad. If anyone is interested in putting on an event like this in your community – please contact me. We need to do this first event in person – so we can be in touch with family through the winter months when everyone will definitely be sheltering in their homes

National Aging in Place Week – October 12 to 16, 2020

Please share this information with your families and loved ones – this is a national call on how to be safe in an emergency. If you plan to attend the event live, please register in advance. Otherwise the event will be recorded and available on Facebook and YouTube. I am one of the panelists on the first day of the event. I would love to you were able to be on the call.