Attend the National Aging in Place call. The event will be held at 11 am CT. See the attached flyer!

I will be presenting on Being Social While Being Sheltered in Place. Share with others – especially anyone
you know who may be planning on aging in place this winter. I am looking forward to learning from the
other speakers as well!

If you are unable to attend the call, a replay will be available on YouTube and Facebook.

Announcing on December 6th, I will be interviewed by Verizon Small Business Marketing Group to
highlight their BlueJeans teleconference tool. Details pending.

Update for the month:

Preparing for a Remote Thanksgiving

Are you going to be taking everyone’s temperature when they come to your door or will you host a
virtual meal with your loved ones? Consider inviting family and friends – especially for those who may
not have family to connect with. It is hard to have a holiday, it is harder to celebrate it without anyone
else to join you. Consider you can attend this year in your sweatpants and flannel shirts!

Look forward to some fun ideas to share appetizers before the meal or host a gathering while everyone
enjoys a slice of pie.

If hosting a video conference call makes you cringe or you need help with teaching your aging family
members or neighbors how to join the call, please contact We are
interested in helping anyone access videoconference – regardless of which device your family has. We
can help with iPhones and Android phones. We are also able to connect to the video conference tool of
your choice: Facetime or Duo for in person meetings and Zoom and BlueJeans.

For family members who have an iPhone and wants to know more, please share this video with them:

I share about why it is important to be on videocalls:

This video shows you in real time how to download an app (highlighting BlueJeans)

Just to be clear, I prefer BlueJeans because it is the best user experience for seniors who need their tech
tools to be simple and easy to use. I am not being paid by (other than having the business highlight
event in December) or receiving any endorsement from Verizon, BlueJeans or their subsidiaries.