Happy Fall and Thanksgiving to all!

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In case you were unable to attend the National Aging in Place online conference held earlier this month, please consider watching.

We received so many questions about how to stay connected and social during the Q&A, I decided to create a video to share some more thoughts.

How are you Spending Thanksgiving 2020?

Do you realize that as many as half of Seniors, mostly women, do not have email (not an option on a flip phone or Consumer Cellular phones)? They provide the ability to talk, text and a data plan.  There is email. To be on a group video call (to talk with your entire family at the same time, attend an online class, have an online get together with your friends or meet with your trusted advisors), you need to have video access and an email. You may be able to video call one on one, but not as a group. Consider gifting a smart phone, with in-person training, to your loved ones this year.

How to Start the Conversation

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year – may you make new memories and capture stories you can share for years!  Be Safe!!