Happy March!

This is a month of a lot of transitions! In Minnesota, we love this month as it begins with a lot of snow and usually rolls into a sense of spring. The birds start to return from their migrations and the snow piles slowly melt!

The weekly Senior Social Hour is gaining in attendance! We have had attendees join us from Illinois, North Dakota, Georgia and as far away as Ontario, Canada.  One of our purposes is to help seniors get used to using videoconference tools while they are meeting other Seniors. To plan to attend this online event, email me directly or go to Eventbrite to register.  This week we had a presentation from Abu Dhabi, UAE. We love to talk about our favorite trips and getting tips on remodeling our homes. To plan to attend this online event, email me directly or go to Eventbrite to register

Funeral Planning workshop is being held on Thursday, March 18. Cost is $30. I promise the information you get will pay for itself!  Funerals can cost as much as a wedding, and can be planned in a few hours. Any planning in advance will be appreciated by your loved ones. This is an important part of the planning conversation that often gets put aside, yet is required to be done. Private workshops for families or clients are available.

 RSVP here. You will need to navigate to the March 18th event.

Here is the latest video is a promotional video for Our Family Encounter – please share!  We talk about how we work with other professionals to help our families to have the support they need. This is not a process I can do alone, but with the support of a lot of great partners.