Our Family Encounter celebrates the 4th of July as a time to reflect on our history and legacy planning. We think of this weekend as the mid-point of the summer and a time for BBQ, family reunions and fireworks. This year has been especially poignant as we may be seeing family members for the first time in over a year. Take time to consider how have we impacted our families and community. What lessons do we want to teach our family or the impact our lives had for our community?

Legacy planning is often the last topic Our Family Encounter Stewards cover when we work with families and Solo Seniors. We have a lot of fun asking a lot of questions and recording the answers. There’s so much wisdom and guidance which we love to capture which can be passed on to future generations.

Some questions we love to ask? What events impacted your life and how did you react? What influenced career? What were your favorite recipes? Sing a song your Mom or Dad sang to you when you were little. What was the first movie you watched? What did you do on your first date?

Capturing these memories and stories on video, audio recordings or in a written diary allow Seniors to share their wisdom, life experiences, tricks about overcoming hard times and celebrating the daily tasks of their lives. Being able to gift these stories with future generations has an impact that touches the heart in unexplained ways. It often puts a twinkle in an eye and a smile on their face as a Senior revisits favorite memories.

What’s new coming this month?

We are excited to introduce the OFE Box. This is an expandable file which allows you to capture your important papers in one place. We have documents which can be added separately or as part of the box. Many documents and templates are available online for those who want to do this themselves. The box contains different folders you need to have for estate planning: housing contracts and titles, legal documents, financial records, insurance contracts, contact lists, care plans, asset lists, passwords, end of life plans and any other special documents or stories you want your family to have as your legacy. The second half of the file is for your Executor to help them organize your estate.

OFE Box - Expandable File for Power of Attorneys and Executors
File to capture Legacy documents for POAs and Executors

Interested in learning more information about the OFE Box, give us a call! It is a great way to collect all of your information in a single place!