Happy New Year!

New Events Happening:
Senior Social Hour
Funeral Planning Session
Our Rememberance Services

New Video:

Our Family Encounter TM was highlighted on Channel 15 the local station in St. Louis Park, MN to highlight the use of cellphones for seniors to stay in touch, get telemedicine help and learning how to use a cell phone. The session covers a combination of several different videos I made this past year.

Video Calling for Seniors – iPhone with Amy Miller — ParkTV15

How to Get Started: Keep Safe Online.

This class sponsored by St. Louis park Community Education’s Senior Program.

More Info: 952.928.6443   www.slpcommunityed.com

recorded by www.parktv.org   28min02sec

Senior Social Hour: Every Monday at 9 am

Cost: Free  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/128777150925

Start your week out on a high note with other fun seniors. Everyone is staying home this year. I have been meeting with a few seniors during December to see what we can do to connect with each other during this winter. Many are used to traveling but choosing to stay home this year. Join us to share your favorite travel adventures and get to know other active and curious seniors. We are hosting different presentations and topics through out the month. Share the invite with a senior you know and have them join us.

We meet on my BlueJeans app, so let me know if you need help with getting access.

Funeral Planning session: Thursday, January 21, 7 pm

Cost; $30 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/our-family-encounter-funeral-planning-tickets-134683972387

Have you ever wondered how much a cremation or a funeral costs? What do you need to know in advance? Having some of these decisions made in advance allows you to decide what is important to you before you pre-plan or pre-pay for your burial. This is a conversation many people want to ignore, but it is one thing every one of us will need to plan and pay for. Let this be a plan that represents how you want to be remembered and be a final gift to your loved ones. This is an informational only session. I will not be selling any products or services.

Announcing new service provided by Our Family Encounter:

Our Remembrance Service:

During the holidays I had several folks reach out to me to ask for guidance on how to handle difficult conversations with family members after a loved one died. The families are postponing funerals until the summer months when we can be in person and do not have the difficulties of managing work, school, family time while staying healthy.

I lost my Dad in November 2016. My stepmother decided she wanted to host his burial in July 2017 in Vermont. We hosted a Memorial Service in Minnesota where my Dad grew up so his family could get together and remember him. Today, many families find themselves in a similar spot.

With the video conference tools I have with Our Family Encounter; I am offering a new service called Our Remembrance Service. This will allow families to come together for 1-2 hours and share stories and memories with family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. The session will be recorded so we can provide a collection of the stories to be used during the actual funeral, memorial service, or burial. Editing will include an additional fee.

Educational moment from Our Family Encounter – Episode 6

This past month, I posted new video in YouTube with a reminder to have your loved ones bring a cellphone with a charger and a water bottle with them to the Emergency Room. With an expected increase of folks needing emergency room care, many hospitals are expecting that they may need to triage the care of patients. Watch this video to see how this may impact you and your family based on a law recently passed by the State of Colorado.

If you are interested in discussing this topic in more detail, please contact me to discuss how we can get the word out about this very important topic!

The housing moratorium has ended December 31, 2020 for renters and on 1/31/2021 for homeowners with mortgage forbearance to handle their housing needs. Many (in the thousands in Minnesota and millions around the country) are not able to pay for shelter, food, and other necessities. For seniors, this should not be as much of a concern as they have their houses paid for or have been paying for rent. However, they could be in danger of increased financial fraud claims or requests from families who ask for help. Please prepare your elderly family members of an increase in requests for money or support. Have them refer any concerns to their trusted advisors for guidance.