Happy Spring!

The trees have started to sprout their leaves and the apple trees in my yard are getting ready to bud!
This is a time of year when we are getting ready to step outside and revel in the joy of spring. Yet, we
are reminded that April can be colder than we might like.

Senior Social Hour – Weekly; Mondays 9 – 10 am. Online meeting

Join us for a meeting with savvy Seniors from around the United States. If you are new to using video
conferencing, or are a pro, we welcome you to join us. Every week we cover many different topics.
Some of our favorites are travelling and how to successfully age in place.

If you have parents who would like to join us, please have them reach out to me to get the link to join
the call.

Planning Your Last Life Lesson: Funeral Planning – Wednesdays 11:30 – 1 pm RSVP required. Cost $30

Have you ever considered that a funeral is your last life lesson you teach your loved ones? It can be a
decision that is often put off until the last minute or being left to your grieving loved ones to try to figure
out how to celebrate your life. In just a few hours, an event has been planned – often a cookie cutter
event just like everyone else. For an event as big as a wedding; little is thought of in advance when it
comes to your funeral. To learn more, watch this video.

During this workshop, we take some time to talk about what is important to you. We talk about what
options are available from burial, cremation – whether traditional or flameless, and your final resting
place. Taking time to think about what life lesson you want others to know about you or to decide how
your loved ones can celebrate your life is a gift that creates a legacy.

Following this workshop, we will provide to you a personalized report for you which you can place in
your files. If assistance is needed to go into more details, we can set up a follow up meeting.

If you are recently retired, working with family members on how to create a care plan for your parents
or looking for support and guidance on important decisions to make, consider contacting Our Family
Encounter to help you make decisions that honor your wishes.

National Aging In Place

Are you interested in serving Seniors who are aging in place? Would you like to connect and network
with other business owners who support Seniors in our local community and around the country? If so,
we are looking for dedicated business owners to join the National Aging in Place Chapter in the Southern
and Eastern Metro. Contact me if you would like to know more.