We often forget that when someone passes away, the work does not end with the funeral; it ends when probate closes your estate, and all assets are transferred to your chosen heirs or charities. Lori La Bey, the Founder of Alzheimer’s Speak and Dementia Map, invited me to her radio show last week to talk about the importance of having a written plan completed for your loved ones. Making your wishes known, and paying for them, will be the best gift you can give your children and grandchildren, your executor, or the court appointed administrator who closes out your estate. It is also the last lesson you leave your loved ones – as they may follow your example.

I have posted the link to listen to the hour long show to the Senior’s tab of my website. Lori and I covered a lot of topics. Please share this podcast with your loved ones so they know what needs to be done. No one ages alone.

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